WOD 121410

Warm Up:

AMRAP 20 min
Deadlift 5
Box Jump 10
24″/ 20
Push Ups 10

If you can do more than your body weight on the Deadlifts – DO IT!!!

Cash Out:
5 Rounds
MU Progressions 10
Pull Ups 10
Ring Dips 10

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3 Responses to WOD 121410

  1. Paul says:

    That was a whole lotta suck! 20 minutes to be exact.

  2. Stephanie Browning says:

    I liked the WOD, but not a fan of AMRAPs.

    • admin says:

      Just to refresh my memory, I reviewed the WODs between now and February 2011 and they are all AMRAPS – sorry.

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