WOD 121510

This Friday, 17 Dec 10, 6AM will be the only session open. We will not have the 11AM, 6PM and 7PM Sessions. On Saturday, 18 Dec 10, our Team WOD will be at 9AM. We had a good turn out last Saturday. Please give the Team WOD a try. You won’t be disappointed. Like last Saturday, the WOD will be programmed on the spot.

Please check out the videos below for the Clean WOD:

This one is from CrossFit Sweatshop in Walnut Creek, CA:

The video below is called the King Kong WOD w/ Josh Everett. It has a squat clean element. He really has good technique because he is trained by the best – Mike Burgener.

Warm Up:

Here is your chance to establish your 1 Rep Max Clean. I would suggest doing a squat clean rather than a power clean to fully utilize the power from your legs.

1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1

Cash Out:
5 Rounds
MU Progressions 10
Pull Ups 10
Ring Dips 10

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3 Responses to WOD 121510

  1. Stephanie Browning says:

    Josh has nice technique on the cleans. He also has really nice legs on the handstand push ups!

  2. Joe says:

    I think he has a nice face and a nice butt too!

  3. Portia Lintag says:

    OMG! This guy is a BEAST! Real nice… i think I’m in LOVE! hahahahaaaaaa

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