WOD 121610

I posted this Run and Performance Seminar last Friday. Since only 2 out of CFF’s 197 members follow the website I figured I would post it again. I heard some rumblings about signing up for some half marathons in 2011. I think this running seminar would benefit all who are contemplating this goal for next year.

Run & Performance Seminar

For those of you who are interested in more training, tips and info on the running endurance side of CrossFit, there will be a Run & Performance Seminar at San Francisco CrossFit on 15 Jan 11. At this seminar you will learn proper running mechanics and how to set up your performance for success with the correct scaling to understand where your success will start. You will be video taped before and after and be given drills to learn how to run effectively along with proper queuing. You will then learn how to properly take this new skill and implement it into your own programming for success. Please let me know and I will provide more details or just simply hit the seminar image above to link you to the sign up page.

Friday, 17 Dec 10, we will only have the 6AM Session. No 11AM, 6PM and 7PM Sessions. The Team WOD will be at 9AM, Saturday, 18 Dec 10.

Everyone did great, Wednesday, on their cleans. I reviewed everyone’s tape and I think everyone generally had the same problem – pulling too early and bending your arms too early. You have to hit full extension at the top before bending your arms. We will all (that includes me) work on this. Just keep practicing and you will all eventually get it.

Here are some pictures from Tuesday’s WOD:

AM Crew doing Tuesday's WOD

AM Crew doing the Deadlift element of Tuesday's WOD

And then there were Push Ups

There is really nothing I can say regarding Thursday’s WOD except – Good Luck!!! This one Sucks!!!

Warm Up:

25 – 50 – 75
Push Ups

Cash Out:
5 Rounds
MU Progressions 10
Pull Ups 10
Ring Dips 10

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6 Responses to WOD 121610

  1. Stephanie Browning says:


  2. Portia Lintag says:

    uhmmmm… are you SERIOUS????

  3. admin says:

    We did this one at the old gym. Dunno if the old guys remember, but it was brutal.

  4. admin says:

    Of course I went out too fast!!! and blew my wad.

  5. SANDRA ROMERO says:

    Looking foward to it. Will be painful!

  6. Paul says:

    Wow, it’s a good thing I’m giving my body another day of rest. I did some volunteer work yesterday at Habitat for Humanity that involved lots of lifting tile, doors, flooring, refrigerators, ovens, carpeting and cabinets. My 4 hour WOD yesterday makes up for skipping this one. This one has some puke potential. Big props to the folks that complete this one Rx!

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