WOD 122110

Workout Schedule for this Week
We will have regular hours Monday, 20 Dec 10, to Thursday, 23 Dec 10. Friday, 24 Dec 10, Christmas Eve hours will be 9AM and 10AM only. Christmas, 25 Dec 10 and Sunday, 26 Dec 10 will be scheduled Rest Days.

We only had the AM Session this past Friday. Below are some pics. The workout was a 12 min AMRAP of Thrusters and Rope Climbs.

Friday AM

Friday AM

Friday AM

Please watch the following Deadlift Videos for technique

Warm Up:

Max Deadlift
1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1

Cash Out:
5 Rounds
MU Progressions 10
Pull Ups 10
Ring Dips 10

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7 Responses to WOD 122110

  1. Stephanie Browning says:

    Yes! I love max lifts. It’s fun to see how far you’ve come (or disappointing sometimes). I want to try the over/under grip. I’ve been using the hook grip, I don’t know if that’s correct, but I tend to pinch the skin on my thumbs. Is that avoidable or do I just suck it up and deal with it? See you all tomorrow!

    • Stephanie Browning says:

      Yay! PR tonight. I did 175% of my body weight 5 times. The first two lifts were a little lighter.

  2. Paul says:

    Hey Steph,

    I’ve been using the over-under with the hook grip. It seems to be working however, heavy deads will always be hard on the hands!

    • Stephanie Browning says:

      Yeah, I saw you using that grip the last time we did a WOD with deadlifts. I meant to try it after the WOD was over, but forgot. Funny how a WOD will do that to you.

      • admin says:

        Taping the thumbs should help. As Paul said, I would still use the hook grip. Deadlifts, to me, are harder on the hands than Pull Ups. So whatever you can do – taping, over under – you should do. Everything except for gloves which really messes with your grip, in my opinion.

  3. Stephanie Browning says:

    So I used the over/under grip for the deadlifts tonight and I like it. It didn’t feel at all awkward like I expected it to. I’ll be sticking with that from now on–or at least for heavy DLs.

  4. Dustin says:

    Joe, where is the picks from the AM lift? LOL. Great WOD Love the heavy lifts.

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