WOD 122210

Warm Up:

Here is a demo on the Med Ball Clean from Garage Gym

And another one

Med Ball Slams

Toes to Bar

or Knees to Elbows

Black Jack
Hang Power Clean – 6 min
#65/ 45
Med Ball Squat Clean – 5 min
#20/ 15
Thrusters – 4 min
#65/ 45
OH to Floor Ball Slams – 3 min
#20/ 15
T 2 B or K 2 E – 2 min
Burpees – 1 min

Cash Out:
5 Rounds
MU Progressions 10
Pull Ups 10
Ring Dips 10

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3 Responses to WOD 122210

  1. SANDRA ROMERO says:

    Black Jack! It sounds like tomorrows work out will be the Work Out.

  2. Stephanie Browning says:

    Took me a few to figure out why it’s called Black Jack. I get it. I assume we count our reps and shout them out to you at the end of each time, Joe? I have a feeling those burpees are going to be the longest minute of my life.

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