WOD 010611


Warm Up:

Death by 10 meters

With a continuously running clock run one 10 meter sprint the first minute, two 10 meter sprints the second minute, three 10 meter sprints the third minuteā€¦ continuing as long as you are able.

Please watch the POSE Running Demo from HyperFit CrossFit. You will notice that they are “pulling” rather than “pushing” as they run. When you run this way you will notice your foot spends less time on the ground. When you “push” your foot spends more time on the ground (heel striking and over striding) which is less efficient, slows you down, and can lead to more injuries.

Death by 10 Meters Video Demo by XFit Milford

And yet, another Pose Running Demo Video

Run & Performance Seminar – Reminder

For those of you who are interested in more training, tips and info on the running endurance side of CrossFit, there will be a Run & Performance Seminar at San Francisco CrossFit on 15 Jan 11. At this seminar you will learn proper running mechanics and how to set up your performance for success with the correct scaling to understand where your success will start. You will be video taped before and after and be given drills to learn how to run effectively along with proper queuing. You will then learn how to properly take this new skill and implement it into your own programming for success. Please let me know and I will provide more details or just simply hit the seminar image above to link you to the sign up page.

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  1. Paul says:

    Happy B-Day Marco!!

    Hey Joe, just so you don’t forget I figured I would remind you to check out http://www.Fitdeck.com.
    The cross-training, body weight and plyometric decks look awesome. It would be fun to have hopper day workouts. See you on Friday since my legs are fried.

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