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Another 5PM Session
We are adding a Friday 5PM Session beginning this Friday, 13 May 11. This should round the week off for this time slot. Amy has been running the Monday and Wednesday 5PM Sessions and Mindy will be running the Friday 5PM Session.

Team WOD
Team WODs will be at 10AM every Saturday. These WODs will be programmed on the spot. The past workouts have been very successful and I am sure everyone will agree was very intense and had a “different” mentality to the workout.

Open Gym
Open Gym will be at 9AM and 11AM every Saturday. At the open Gym you can make up a missed WOD, do a variation of the Team WOD, and/ or do some skill development. The time is left to you.

Free Introductory Workouts
Free Intros will now be every Tuesday at 6PM and Saturday at 11AM. Please let all of your friends and family know. They will need to still email or call to schedule for these times slots.

Current CrossFit Force Schedule

Basics Sessions
We are now standardizing our Basics Sessions for all of the new members. We will have two cycles of Basics Sessions. The first cycle starts the first Tuesday of every month and will run for six sessions. The second cycle will start the third Tuesday of every month and will also run for six sessions.

CrossFit Force Basics Schedule (Solitary Confinement)

More Pics from WODs Past

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