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Happy B Day Carol
Carol’s B Day WOD is posted on the board.

Happy B Day Mark
It is Mark’s B Day today too!!!

Windsor Half Marathon, 10K and 5K
All who participated did great. Highlights of the event. Everyone finished their respective races. For not really “running” and just pure CrossFit, everyone did remarkably well. One underlying factor is that everyone had trouble pacing and loosening up for their runs. This is not surprising because we “don’t run.” I think next time we will need to work more on our running form. More “pose” and pull method rather than the usual heel strike and push method. Other than that, Great Job to all those who participated.

Enjoy the pics

Steph Pre Half

Everyone getting ready

Hannah and Ben pre race

Gina pre Half

Taylor, Kathy, Portia and Paul before the race

Paul at the finish

Peter at the finish

Ben at the finish

Heather at the finish

Amy at the finish

Portia at the finish

Kathy at the finish

Marco at the finish

Erik at the finish

Gina at the finish

Hannah at the finish

Steph at the finish

Paul - 1st Place in his age group for the 5K

Marco - 2nd Place in his age group for the Half Marathon

Post race photo

Hannah right before she yakked

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