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Happy B Day Erik
Erik’s B Day WOD is posted on the Board.

CrossFit Force 45 Day Paleo Challenge

CFF Paleo Challenge

Looks like there are a ton of people interested. It’s official. Paleo Challenges at other CrossFit Affiliates have drastically transformed not only physiques, but lifestyles, causing life long habit changes that will or have likely prevented many thousands from contributing to the staggering diet related disease rates around the world.

It’s modeled after other successful Paleo Challenges put on by other affiliates to appeal to your competitive nature and your love of self improvement.

Eating Paleo is simple. Eat Meat, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds and some Fruit. I said simple. I did not say easy. Eating Paleo will make you leaner and will make you stronger. This will be evident in your Pre and Post Pictures and in your Pre and Post Paleo WODs.

The challenge will start Wednesday, 1 June 2011 and end 45 days later on Friday, 15 July. $20 dollar buy in. 1 Male and 1 Female winner will split the pot and get a one month free membership. Winning will be based on the following:

Daily Food Log
Sleep Log
Daily Training Log
Pre and Post Paleo WOD Times and Performance
Pre and Post Pictures and Measurements

To help you get a jump start at the challenge, we will have a Paleo/ Zone Session this Saturday, 28 June at 11AM. Bring a note pad for notes. Also bring your nutrition tables. If you do not have them please contact me so that I can forward them to you.

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