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Team WOD

Reminder tomorrow at 10AM we will have a Team WOD programmed on the spot. And also, Open Gym at 9AM and 11AM. You can work on movements, skills or make up a WOD you missed during the week.

Paleo Challenge

To get ready for “Asian” week, next week, I picked up some Chinese Broccoli from the Asian Mart on Guerneville and Fulton. You might also find some at G&G Market. It goes really well in a stir fry with your choice of meat.

Fresh Chinese Broccoli

Stir Fried Chicken Breast with Chinese Broccoli

1 Bunch Chinese Broccoli
1 Chicken Breast baked earlier in the week
2 Cloves Garlic
Garlic Powder
No Salt Seasoning

Thinly slice the Chicken Breast and also slice the Broccoli on a Bias. Heat up a pan or wok to super hot. Add a little olive oil. (we will have to talk about this in a later post but you should not use olive oil for this method of cooking) Stir in chopped Garlic. Add Chicken Breast. Add Pepper, Garlic Powder, and Seasoning. Stir less than a min. Add Broccoli and stir. Please note, that the pan needs to be really really hot for this type of cooking. If it’s not you will end up sort of steaming your food and can end up with “Floppy” vegetables.

Stir Fried Chicken Breast with Chinese Broccoli

I am still trying to figure out “Asian Seasonings” which usually consists of items like Soy Sauce or Oyster Sauce. If anyone has ideas for substitutes please comment back.

CrossFit Force Pictures

After all, we are a CrossFit Box and not a Paleo Restaurant.

Ben doing the Bear Crawl

Shelley and Sandra doing the Bear Crawl and the CF Moms Session

Get those butts down!

Stacy at the top of her Press


More Thrusters

Paul and his Push Jerk

Cleans in the AM

Ben and Bryan Running in the AM

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