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Haven’t posted anything in nearly a month. Paleo I Challenge is complete. Paleo II Challenge is heavily underway. All those participating, whether officially or unofficially, will not be disappointed given the marked improvements in everyone who participated in Paleo I. Keep it up, 2 more weeks and Paleo II will be over. The CrossFit Games were a blast. It was fun to see these top notch athletes competing to see the overall fittest in the world.

Here are some pictures from this past months WODs:

Moms Club doing Jumping Pull Ups

Moms Club doing Box Jumps

Peter and Kevin doing Pull Ups

Teresa and the gang running a 400

Sandra and Kevin - 400

Brian and his SDHP

Early AM 400

Shelly KB Swing

Lauren (middle) visiting from Alpha CrossFit

Hannah KB Swing

AM Boys doing Snatches

Mid AM Crew - Sit Ups

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