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Max Front Squats

The gateway to a heavier Clean.

Here is Hannah showing good form on the Front Squat.

Front Squat Instruction

Make sure your rack is solid, with the bar squeezed down into your frontal deltoids. If you feel the bar touching your clavicles, elevate your entire shoulder girdle until you’re able to move the bar off the bones. Keep your elbows up so that your triceps are parallel with the floor, and ensure they stay that way throughout the front squat. Pull yourself to the deep bottom position in the squat. Stay very tight and go down rather quickly. If you attempt to lower yourself slowly, when you get to the middle, you will invariably lean forward, and you don’t want that. Your torso has to remain perfectly erect throughout the movement.
Any leaning, no matter how slight, puts a huge amount of additional stress on your wrists. Should it be excessive, the bar will crash to the floor.

Your first move out of the bottom is quite different in the front squat than it is in the back squat. In the back squat, your hips drive up and back, but in the front squat, this same move would cause you to lean forward and carry the bar far out of the proper line. When you start out of the bottom in the front squat, think “elbows up.” That allows you to stay in an upright position and keeps the weight over your power pack. As soon as you drive upward, stand right up. No hesitation at all. You need to explode upward and glide right through the sticking point. Should the bar stall, once again think “elbows” and lift them skyward to keep the weight over your powerful hips and legs. Lower the bar back to the floor, take a deep breath and repeat the sequence.

Check out the difference in the two pictures below.

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