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It been a long time since my last post….

CrossFit Force Paleo V Challenge Winner

Congratulations Bryan!!! A year ago he joined CrossFit Force and came in weighing 242lbs. He is now down to a lean 183lbs. That’s almost 60lbs. He looks great and is killing the WODs.

CrossFit Force Paleo VI Challenge

Paleo VI starts this Saturday, 23 June. All those that are interested, we will be meeting at the gym at 11AM. Back to Back Challenges.

For 45 Days you will eat only Meat, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds and some Fruit. Simple enough…

No Grains, No Processed Foods, No Dairy, No Starchy Foods (Potatoes), No Legumes (Beans, Peas, Peanuts), No Salt.

This is not a weight loss competition. It has equal value for those trying to gain weight as to those trying to lose weight. This challenge is a way to better health, performance, and a longer happier life by reducing the levels of insulin in the bloodstream and at the same time eliminating items (gluten, diary, lectin), that can cause a high antibody response which in turn increases the likelihood of an autoimmune response which can lead to any autoimmune disease like Celiac Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Scleroses, and/ or Other Food Allergies.

We have done 6 challenges in a year and all of you are old hat to this. Join in the fun and make huge positive gains in health and fitness performance.

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