CrossFit Force Everyday Paleo Seminar w/ Sarah Fragoso and Jason Seib

Sandra, Sarah and Carol

Sarah Fragoso, author of Everyday Paleo was at CrossFit Force today. Jason Seib the Author of The Paleo Coach was also at the Seminar. Tons of Information. Tons of Attendees. We had an awesome time. We are right in the middle of another Paleo Challenge and also in the middle of our very first Champions Challenge. This seminar was so appropriate and helped solidify what you are all accomplishing on these Challenges. A very special “Thank You” to Sarah and Jason for putting on a great Paleo Seminar. Can’t wait to have you guys back again soon.

The Paleo Gang

Kristine and Claudia getting ready to start

Anne checking ou the books

The participants getting ready to start

Sarah Fragoso getting ready to make her Curry Chicken

Jason Seib with the Science behind Paleo

How to make Paleo work for your Family

Sarah showing off her cooking skills

John, Sarah, Carol, Joe and Jason

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