CrossFit Force Endurance

CrossFit Force is an official CrossFit Endurance Affiliate
CrossFit Force is the first and only CrossFit Endurance Affiliate serving Sonoma County and the Petaluma, Rohnert Park/ Cotati, Santa Rosa, Windsor, and Healdsburg areas.

We train a number of athletes who are dedicated to endurance sports like 10Ks, half marathons, marathons, cycling and mountain biking.  We also train a number of athletes who are dedicated to multisport endurance sports like sprints, Olympic, half Ironman, and full Ironman triathlons.  These athletes are successfully utilizing CrossFit methods and CrossFit Endurance methods to become a better rounded and stronger endurance athlete.

Typically, anaerobic/ high intensity methods are not the normal methods for endurance athletes.  Endurance athletes are more familiar with the typical Lydiard Method of long slow distance or aerobic endurance training.

Below are some of the benefits and drawbacks of the typical long slow distance or aerobic training:

Increased Cardiovascular Function
Better Fat Utilization

Decreased Muscle Mass
Decreased Strength
Decreased Power
Decreased Speed
Decreased Anaerobic Capacity
Decreased Testosterone Levels

Below are some of the benefits and drawbacks of anaerobic or high intensity training for endurance athletes:

Increased Cardiovascular Function
Better Fat Utilization
Increased Muscle Mass
Increased Strength
Increased Power
Increased Speed
Increased Anaerobic Capacity
Increased Testosterone Levels

Increased Likelihood of Overtraining

You do the math.

Ask yourself the following questions to help evaluate your current training regimen:

Are you constantly plodding through your long slow distance training and not making any fitness gains?  Are your family/ spouse complaining about all of the hours you keep pouring into your training every week?  Are you tired of putting in all of the hours of training per week?  Have you or do you suffer from chronic-use/ over-use/ plodding injuries like Plantar Fasciitis, IT Syndrome, Runner’s Knee, etc.?  Are you not making any fitness gains at all distances?  Are you looking for considerable improvement in your overall work capacity for a projected endurance event?

Bottom line – If you are an endurance athlete and are considering high intensity/ low volume CrossFit methods over traditional long slow distance methods. If you are looking for something that is more effective, more efficient and provides a better return on your investment contact us for your Free Introductory CrossFit Workout at:

(Airport Business Center)
5555 Skylane Boulevard
Suite B – (Back Building)
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
(707) 544-XFIT (voicemail)
(707) 239-1272 (cell phone)

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