CrossFit Force Program

The CrossFit Force Program
Everyday Functional Movements, Always Varied, at High Intensity

Everyday Functional Movements
Exercising and performing everyday functional movement involves the use of the whole body, multiple joints, and multiple muscle groups. Because you engage your whole body and recruit multiple joints and muscle groups, you are generally moving in a very safe, effective and efficient way.

Always Varied
Workouts are always varied. By always changing the workout, the different areas of the body, as well as, the different areas of fitness are constantly challenged.

High Intensity
All workouts are performed at a relatively high intensity level. This demands a very high power output and, in turn, provides the greatest return on investment. Hours and hours of constant plodding in a regular workout routine with very little fitness gain is now replaced with a low volume, highly efficient, more productive and very intense workout. These workouts lead to huge gains in overall work capacity and overall fitness.

Free Introductory Workout – Call or email to schedule a time to watch or participate in a Free Introductory CrossFit Workout.

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