Getting Started

Free Introductory CrossFit Force Workout

Getting started at CrossFit Force is a very simple process.  Call or email to schedule a time to watch or participate in a Free Introductory CrossFit Workout.  Show up in comfortable workout attire.  Bring lots of water and something to wipe off your sweat because you will sweat!

Contact us for your Free Introductory CrossFit Workout at:

(Airport Business Center)
5555 Skylane Boulevard
Suite B – (Back Building)
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
(707) 239-1272 (cell phone)
(707) 544-XFIT (voicemail)

Sign Up
So you survived the Free Intro. The next thing to do is sign up for a membership.

Solitary Confinement
Once you sign up you will go through the CrossFit Force Basics Program, also known as, Solitary Confinement.  At these sessions you will learn all of the basic movements and skills to get you through a CrossFit Force Workout “WOD” Session.

General Population
Once you have demonstrated knowledge of these movements, skills and good behavior, you will be released into General Population where you will be able to take part in any of the regular Workout of the Day (WOD) Sessions.  The regular WOD Session will consist of a warm up, any skills development, the WOD, and any other fitness activity the CrossFit Force General Population Athletes would like to develop.

CrossFit Force Moms
CrossFit Force offers a Session between “dropping off and picking up kids” specifically geared for Moms who want to get into shape, get back into shape or Moms who are looking for something that will jump start their current fitness level. It is a Session where the workouts will be a highly modified or scaled version of the daily programming.

Designed for members that are in General Population and want to get their WOD done in the middle of the day during their lunch hour. It is important to get to this session on time for warm up and ready to workout. Time is of the essence. Get in, get out.

Open Gym and Team WOD
On Saturdays CrossFit Force offers an Open Gym and Team WODs for all those interested in practicing certain skills learning new movements or simply just making up a missed WOD from the week. Team WODs are workouts programmed for a team scenario were two or more athletes can take part in the WOD together. You learn how to be part of a team, to actively communicate with members of your team and more importantly you become fully aware and honest about your strengths and your weaknesses.

Death Row
If you have demonstrated an affinity for more than the usual CrossFit and would like to one day be a CrossFit Games Competitor, you will be immediately transferred to Death Row where you will be among all the other athletes who are “Games bound.”  You will remain there until NOT the day of your execution but rather the day you WILL execute at the CrossFit Open, the CrossFit Regionals, and/ or the CrossFit Games.

Workout Session Hours:
Monday thru Friday – 6AM, 9AM, Noon, 5PM, 6PM and 7PM
Saturday – 9AM and 10AM
Sunday – Closed

Expanded Hours