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New Space – New Year – New Start

Thursday, 3 Jan, we will be back on the regular schedule.

Again, please use the following address to find the gym:
5555 Skylane Boulevard
Suite B (Back Building)
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

We are about 100m north from the old location on the northwest corner of Skylane and Aviation. The space is still a work in progress so please bear with us.

6AM Crew if we are not running, the roll up door will not be open. The regular door auto locks, so I will have a block in it so that it will not close.

Goals for 2013

We all have had about two weeks of off/ vacation days, tons of good cheat food, and most likely tons of good cheat drinks. Now that we are starting back it is time to “pay the Piper.” The New Year brings on a New Start. Let’s all think about making the commitment to rededicate ourselves to CrossFit, eating properly and sleeping right. Doing all three things equals huge gains in fitness and health. Start to think about your goals for 2013. Is it a CrossFit competition? How about a half marathon? Ironman Tri? Getting a Pull Up… Muscle Up… Handstand Push Up… 100 Burpees in 5min…

WRITE THEM DOWN and more importantly put a date by them. Set mini goals with dates that help with making the main goal. For Instance, Main Goal – Muscle up by 30 Jun 13. Mini Goals would be – work up to 50 Pull Ups and 50 Ring Dips everyday by 31 Mar 13. Muscle UP Progressions everyday by 30 Apr 13. Just as an example…

When it comes to goals start thinking in these terms.

The Squat and Virtuosity

Now one more thing to think about…

The Air Squat is the most basic fundamental movement of CrossFit. How many of you are experts in this movement?

Whether you are a member that has been with us for 3 years or a member for 1 month, I want you to ask yourself “How many Air Squats did I do in the door jam last night?” “How many Front Squats did I do in the door way last night?” “How many Overhead Squats did I do in the door way last night?”

If your answer is… 5 sets of 10 for Air Squats, 5 sets of 10 for Front Squats, and 5 sets of 10 for Overhead Squats just like you told me to during my Basics Program – ….from now until the day I die….

Let me tell you this…. If that is your answer I can certainly tell by how great your squats look in a WOD. By the same token, I can also tell if you are not practicing your squats.

About 75% of you have been members for over 6 months. You members in this category absolutely, positively, hands down, should be experts in the squat.

Feet about shoulder width apart, toes angled slightly out, activate your lower back, keep your chest and head up. When you start your squat you begin by driving your hips back as you lower them down. This keeps your knees behind your toes and the weight on your heels. Keep sticking your butt out as you go low enough so that your hip crease is below your knee. Keep your chest and your head up as you hit the bottom and keep your hands up and reach far away from your butt as possible. When you stand up, extend your knees and hips fully as you stand tall with your shoulders back and your chest out and head standing tall.

Lets all make a commitment this New Year to do our basic movements as best as we can perform them. For those of you who do not know this, this is called VIRTUOSITY. Performing the common, uncommonly well…

Let’s all make it a point to perform our squats and all of our other movements, no matter how basic they may be, with VIRTUOSITY in mind.

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New Year’s Eve WOD

Running and

A ton of it!!!

CrossFit Force New Year's Eve Crew

Kristine - #115 Thrusters (Guys Weight)

The CFF Crew

More of the CFF Crew

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CrossFit Force Twelve Days of Christmas WOD

You run the reps just like the song:

1 Body Weight Clean and Jerk
2 Jump up Toe Touches
3 KB Swings 1.5pood/ 1pood
4 Box Jumps 24″/ 20″
5 Elevated Push Ups 24″/ 20″
6 Squats
7 Burpees
8 Body Blasters
9 Sit Ups
10 Body Weight Deadlifts
(100m Run to the other Box)
11 Wall Climbers
(100m Run to the other Box)
12 Pull Ups

We had a blast doing this in the new space. We also did the Wall Climbers and the Pull Ups in the old space.

The whole gang after the WOD

 Tons of athletes and tons of room in the new space

Brent beginning his C&J

Marco - Box Jumps in the other room

Gina - Wall Climbers

More Wall Climbers

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